About the Regatta

Windermere Real Estate and the University of Washington are excited to host the Germany national men and women’s teams, the men’s crew from Boston University, and UCLA women as the challengers for the 33rd annual Windermere Cup Regatta. Scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, the regatta is held as part of Seattle’s Opening Day of Boating Season and is followed by the Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day Boat Parade. This year’s regatta will include 23 races featuring athletes ages 14-70. More than 1000 rowers earn a spot to compete in this prestigious event, which culminates with the women’s and men’s Windermere Cup races

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Schedule of Events

Windermere Cup Regatta

Order of Races
  • Race 1 - 10:20 am - Men's Masters 8+ 30+
  • Race 2 - 10:22 am - Men's Masters 8+ 45+
  • Race 3 - 10:24 am - Men's Masters 8+ 50+
  • Race 4 - 10:25 am - Men's Masters 8+ 60+
  • Race 5 - 10:26 am - Women's 8+ 30+
  • Race 6 - 10:28 am - Women's Masters 8+ 45+
  • Race 7 - 10:30 am -Women's Masters 8+ 50+
  • Race 8 - 10:32 am -Women's Masters 8+ 60+
  • Race 9 - 10:34 am - Men's Jr 4x+ George Corkey Jr Cup
  • Race 10 - 10:36 am - Women's Jr 4x+ Dewitt Whitman Cup
  • Race 11 - 10:38 am - Women's Jr 4x+ Colin Sykes Cup
  • Race 12 - 10:41 am - Men's Jr 4x+ Sara Nevin Cup
  • Race 13 - 10:44 am - Women's Jr 8+ Eleanor McElvaine Cup
  • Race 14 - 10:47 am - Men's Jr 8+ Fred Honebein Cup
  • Race 15 - 10:50 am - Men's Open 4+
  • Race 17 - 10:52 am - Women's Collegiate Varsity 4+
  • Race 18 - 10:54 am - Women's Collegiate Open 8+
  • Race 19 - 10:58 am - Men's Collegiate Open 8+
  • Race 20 - 11:01 am - Women's Collegiate 3rd Varsity 8+
  • Race 21 - 11:05 am - Men's Collegiate Freshman/3rd Varsity 8+
  • Race 22 - 11:10 am - Women's Cascade Cup 8+
  • Race 23 - 11:20 am - Men's Cascade Cup 8+
  • Race 24 - 11:30 am - Men's Windermere Cup 8+
  • Race 22 - 11:45 am - Women's Windermere Cup 8+

SYC Boat Parade

Order of Boats
  • 1st -A- Virginia V, Fire Boat, SFD Fireboat #1, KC Marine Unit
  • 2nd -B- Husky Band Boats
  • 3rd -C- Club Officers' Salute
  • 4th -D- Classic Power 40' and Over
  • 5th -E- Classic Sail
  • 6th -F- Classic Power Under 40'
  • 7th -G- Novelty Decorated
  • 8th -H- Dressed Sail
  • 9th -I- Dressed Power
  • 10th -J- Wilson Seamanship
  • 11th -K- SYC Invitational
  • 12th -L- Cougar Yacht Club
  • 13th -M- Spinnaker Group
  • 14th -N- Youth Sponsored Decorated
  • 15th -O- Sponsored Decorated
  • 16th -P- Decorated Sail
  • 17th -R- Decorated Power
  • 18th -S- Spirit
  • 19th -T- Decorated Commercial
  • 20th -U- Working Boats
  • 21st -V- SPD Harbor 4
  • 22nd -W- SFD Chief Seattle

University of Washington

The University of Washington Department of Intercollegiate Athletics prides itself on excellence in every facet of operation. For the more than 650 student-athletes competing in 22 varsity sports, the standards are set high in competition, in the classroom, and beyond. Husky Crew exemplifies these values. The 33-year partnership the UW and Windermere Real Estate have developed through the annual Windermere Cup regatta is a strong one because of a mutual commitment to excellence. Husky UW Athletics is extremely pleased to be part of such a wonderful event and partnership and is looking forward to many more years to come.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - MAY 3: (Photo by Christopher Mast/Windermere Real Estate)

Visiting Teams

This year competitors for the Windermere Cup Trophy will include the men and women’s national teams from Germany, the men’s crew from Boston University, the women’s crew from UCLA, and of course the men and women’s varsity eights from the University of Washington.

Germany: The German National Federation has been a leader in international competition for years. Most recently, the German men took gold in the 2018 World Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, after setting the world record for the fastest time in the 2017 World Championship. Likewise, the women's squad has seen a lot of international success, including a gold in the women's quad event in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

UCLA: Since becoming a varsity program in the 2001-02 season, the UCLA Bruins have been a consistent national competitor. Among their  many achievements, the Bruins have competed in four NCAA Championship tournaments.

Boston University: One of the oldest programs in rowing, Boston University has been consistently competitive in the Intercollegiate  Rowing Association . The BU men's team finished 8 of 24 in the 2017-2018 season championship.

Seattle Yacht Club

This year’s theme for the 2019 Opening Day Boat Parade is "Boating through the Decades". This theme encourages reflection on the many changes that have taken place since 1913 when the Montlake Cut opened Lake Washington to Lake Union and the first Opening Day celebration was held. Today Washington is one of the top ten boating states in America and Seattle’s Opening Day of Boating season is one of our cities most loved traditions.

Since that decade much has happened: the roaring 20's with a boat building boom and prohibition; the bust of the Great Depression in the 30's; the war and heartache in the 40's; the 50's with the growth of the middle class and the development at that time of devices, gadgets and appliances that made boating more accessible; the 60's with increased awareness outside our community of music, cultures, and flying to the moon. Then, the decades of computers and technology that allow us to reach beyond and explore our Salish Sea with such pleasure and ease. Seattle’s boating world has expanded and continues to enrich our lives. - Admiral Bob Brown, Vice Admiral Chris Falskow, Admiralette Rose Peck, Vice Admiral Chris Falskow

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