Windermere Cup

A Celebration of Community and Sport

The Cup

A crystal punchbowl that weighs 14 pounds and was created in 1987 for the inaugural regatta.

"The Boys of 1936" Tour

A unique opportunity to get an inside look at the legacy of "The Boys."
Tour the Conibear Shellhouse!

Love! Love! Love!

"The first Windermere Cup was, for me, one of the great moments I've witnessed in sports."

~ Blaine Newnham

"Even the finals of the world championships are not as impressive as this."

~ Andrej Vasiljev

"I don't know squat about rowing. But it didn't take me two weeks to see that rowing was a traditional and very big part of Husky athletics."

~ Mike Lude

"It is really special for me to be back here, because my experience here changed my life. I have raced in different races worldwide, and the Windermere Cup is a special and unique race."

~ Roberto Blando